Application Areas

The service that Alcyomics offers is a unique package specifically designed to meet clients requirements including designing the study to allow for inter-donor variability.
As a pre-clinical service provider, we can assist with a dose window assessment and development of a stratified medicine/ precision medicine approach for patient selection.

Below are just examples of some of the application areas where Alcyomics platforms have been utilised. You will find in each of these sections scientific evidence and case studies to support the application.

Alcyomics provides reliable and accurate data to remove risks associated with product development which aids in decision making during the drug development process. The platforms can be modified to client needs via the initial consultation service.

Work with us

Organizations such as GSK, NC3RS and Pfizer among others have participated in or sponsored our programmes.
GSK / Crackit
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Some of the application areas currently include:

Chemical Compounds

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Cosmetics Ingredients

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Antibody Drug Conjugates

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Small Molecule Drugs

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Cellular Therapies

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