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The Skimune® platform (Skimune®Cosm; Skimune®Chem; Skimune®Mab) are unique non-artificial human in vitro skin tests

The Skimune® platform predicts hypersensitivity responses to pharmaceuticals including small molecule drugs and monoclonal antibodies, chemicals and cosmetics

Skimune® provides a pre-clinical predictive readout of skin damage which correlates with screening assays ie. cytokine release and T cell proliferation

Skimune®Mab is the only commercially available test for predicting adverse immune reactions to monoclonal antibodies, biobetters, biosimilars and antibody drug conjugates

The Skimune® platform tests are also used in dose response and efficacy studies for immunomodulatory drugs prior to Phase One clinical trials

The Skimune® 3D high throughput screening for the detection of sensitisation and toxicity to drugs, chemicals and cosmetics

Meet the team

Professor Anne Dickinson

Founder and Director

Anne’s research at Newcastle University led to the founding of Alcyomics in 2007. Due to her expertise in immunobiology she has developed human skin based in vitro assays for predicting clinical responses prior to clinical trial.

Dr Shaheda Ahmed

Scientific Manager

Dr Shaheda Ahmed is a Molecular biologist with expertise in skin explant assays and development of 3D tissue models.
Shaheda pursued her Post-Doctoral career at the University of Newcastle (UK) where she conducted research in Graft versus host disease (GvHD).
In 2009 she transitioned from academia to industry where she became a pivotal member of Alcyomics and played a direct role in supporting the advancement and development of the company.
Shaheda’s key focus has been on providing expertise in assay development and validation to expand the businesses' commercial sector, in addition to contributing to the R&D strategy to advance the company’s wider commercial strategy, to help support the growth and development of the business. Shaheda has since progressed to successfully heading the technical team in both departments as Scientific Manager.

Lucy French

Operations Manager

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