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Understanding the downsides to animal testing

Animal testing has been, and largely continues to be, a gold standard to test both the efficacy and safety of new pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.
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July Blog 2022 - Immunotoxicity assessment criteria

Immunotoxicity assessment is a huge consideration when developing a new pharmaceutical intended for use in humans. Are 2D cell based systems enough to truly model immunotoxicity?
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JSIT poster sneak peak

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Skimune Nerve - Peripheral neurotoxicity assay

Alcyomics ® has developed a 3D tissue model based in an inert polyHIPE scaffold that enables the culture of multiple cell lineages together in one system.
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Alcyomics new Atopic Dermatitis model

Skimune® AD is a human explant model which is induced to express an Atopic Dermatitis (AD) phenotype though co-culture with autologous immune cells and an inflammatory cytokine cocktail.
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Alcyomics Are Recruiting - Laboratory Technician

Alcyomics are currently looking to recruit for a laboratory technician to join the team at this exciting time.
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