T-cell proliferation & Cytokine analysis

Assessment of immune activation​

Alcyomics has a wide range of cell phenotypic services for your research needs, to benefit both drug discovery and validation. With our in-house state-of-the-art instrumentation, we can analyse and deliver accurate analyses of T-cell proliferation responses and perform multiplex cytokine analysis. This screening test can be used in conjunction with the Skimune® assay to determine adverse immune or allergic reactions to drugs and compounds in both the autologous and allogenic immune settings.

We have employed T-cell proliferation and multiplex cytokine analysis to successfully predict immune responses and assess mode of action of compounds.​

Our T-cell proliferation and multiplex cytokine assays provide a fast and high-throughput testing platform to help predict adverse immune responses to your development compounds at a competitive price.​

Benefits of T Cell Proliferation are:

High throughput, multiple compounds and multiple donor population studies
Matched donor/tissue testing
HLA testing available
Perfect screening assay for Skimune®
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T-cell proliferation responses can provide valuable insight into how your compound is behaving when introduced to the human immune system. ​

Ahmed SS, Wang XN, Fielding M, Kerry A, Dickinson I, Munuswamy R, Kimber I, Dickinson AM. An In Vitro human skin test for assessing sensitizing potential. Journal of Applied Toxicology. 2016:36 (5), 669-684. DOI: 10.1002/jat.3197
T cell proliferation responses to sensitizers and non-sensitizers. Data are presented as stimulation index (SI) of T cell proliferation. Values represent the mean of data from a minimum of 3 independent tests.

Respiratory sensitizers, pre/pro haptens and sensitizers induced significant T cell proliferation and gave a SI value ≥ 3. Non-sensitizers gave a SI value ≤ 3 with the exception of phenol (SI = 3.09). Darted line indicates an SI value of 3.​
Multiplex cytokine analysis of cell culture supernatants can further confirm activation of the human immune system and give insight into the mode of action of your test compounds. Th1 & Th2 responses associated with cytotoxic, eg IFNƴ & TNF-α, or allergic responses, eg. IL-4 & IL-13, can be assessed using this platform​
Cell culture supernatants were analysed using a proinflammatory panel for IFN-ƴ , IL-10 , IL-12 , IL-13 , IL-1β , IL-2 , IL-4 , IL-6 and TNF-α.

Data shows mean log2 concentration (pg/ml) for positive control, negative assay controls (media + cells and autologous media only). ​

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T-cell proliferation & Cytokine analysis

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