Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLR)

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Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLRs) are essential immunological assays used in pre-clinical drug discovery to evaluate the interactions between different immune cell populations. These reactions involve the co-culturing of lymphocytes from two different individuals, typically from allogeneic sources, to study their immune responses and assess the compatibility or potential immunogenicity of therapeutic compounds.

Purpose and Applications:
MLRs are primarily used to assess the immunomodulatory effects of drug candidates and evaluate their impact on the immune system. They are particularly relevant for developing biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies, cell therapies, and vaccines, where understanding the potential immune response is crucial for therapeutic safety and efficacy.

Key Components of MLRs:

Lymphocytes: Isolated from two different individuals, one acting as the "responder" and the other as the "stimulator" in the co-culture.

Cell Culture Conditions: Lymphocytes from both individuals are mixed and cultured together under specific conditions to mimic the immune microenvironment.

Assessment of Immune Response: The immune responses are evaluated through various readouts, such as cell proliferation, cytokine production, and immune cell activation markers.

Advantages of MLRs in Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery:

Predictive Immunogenicity: MLRs provide valuable insights into the potential immunogenicity of drug candidates, allowing researchers to identify compounds with a lower risk of triggering adverse immune reactions in patients.

Immunomodulatory Effects: MLRs aid in characterizing the impact of drug candidates on the immune system, supporting the development of safer and more effective therapies.

Early Safety Assessment: By evaluating the immune response at an early stage of drug development, potential safety concerns can be identified and addressed before advancing to clinical trials.
Immunomodulatory potential of a therapeutic antibody on MLR induced histopathological damage in our Skimune platform. 
T-cell cellular therapy product tested as original high immunogenicuity formulation, low immunogenicity re-formulation and sutologous cells. Other read ours include cytokine release and histopathological damage induction

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