Cell isolation & Cell phenotyping

High quality cell lineage isolation and phenotyping services

Alcyomics® has over 15 years experience in the isolation of both adult fibroblasts and keratinocytes from human skin. ​

All our cells are validated using our own in-house techniques assessing key markers of cellular lineage and differentiation status. Alcyomics is ISO9001 accredited and we are committed to provide excellent customer service and quality.​

We can provide autologous matched fibroblast, keratinocytes and PBMC cells or whole bloods.

We routinely test and guarantee our cells free from mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungal infection. We have an additional range of virus testing services on request.​

Benefits of Cell Isolation are:

Immune and PBMC lineages with the same fibroblast and keratinocytes donor
HLA matched autologous system
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Examples of characterisation biomarkers assessed by immunohistochemistry

Figure 1. Representative IF staining
We have been involved in IHC and IF analysis (Figure 1) for over 15 years. We have developed a large portfolio of characterisation techniques to find what best suits your optimisation needs. Additionally, we have an in-house repository of over 1000 FFPE blocks for efficient antibody optimisation and for use as positive control tissue.
Working alongside our close partners at Newcastle University we have access to a wide array of modern microscopes to capture the highest quality images best suited to your research needs.​

We have expertise in High Resolution Imaging, Super Resolution Microscopy, Time-lapse imaging. Brightfield and Widefield fluorescence, Confocal microscopy, Stereo microscopy, Multi-photon microscopy and Light Sheet microscopy (Figure 2). ​
Figure 2 (Left) Whole-well / slide automated High Resolution imaging with tile scan, (Right) High Resolution confocal microscopy.




Cytokeratin 14​
Cytokeratin 10​

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Cell isolation & Cell phenotyping

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