Special Programmes

Underpinned by impeccable research and development credentials from our origins as a spinout from Newcastle University , Alcyomics is at the forefront of applying 3D in vitro approaches to identify safe and efficacious drugs early in the development cycle.
 Our specific pre-clinical human tissue based in vitro assays are more accurate in predicting clinical in vivo responses than animal models and can help reduce the use of animal testing during the key stages of drug development. The use of Alcyomics assays therefore reduces client costs, improves speed to market and provides a cost effective solution.

We have a robust development pipeline with a number of innovative assays currently in the final stages of validation and are looking for forward thinking client organizations to participate in special programmes. Evaluate how our innovative in vitro assays can support your product development while benefiting from access to new approaches, knowledge sharing, the ability to adapt or customise assays as well as advantageous pricing.

Work with us

Organizations such as GSK, NC3RS and Pfizer among others have participated in or sponsored our programmes.
GSK / Crackit
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Some of the special programmes currently underway include:

Skimune® 3D

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3D Innervated skin Model

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3D Osteochondral Model

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