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Our services are unique to the biotechnology industry

Alcyomics offers a Skimune® Platform as a unique tool for the Pharmaceutical (Skimune®Pharm and Skimune®Mab), Cosmetic (Skimune®Cosm) and Chemical Industries (Skimune®Chem). The Skimune® platform is a series of human in vitro assays for immunogenicity, hypersensitivity, allergenicity, efficacy and potency assessment which has recently been extended to toxicity testing using Skimune® 3D. Our assays now detect toxicity in addition to, immune responses, and predict adverse effects upon exposure to the test compound.


Our Assays

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Skimune®Chem –  Read more

Skimune®Mab Read more

Skimune®3D Read more

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Additional Services

Alcyomics also provide Problem Solving Consultancy Services and a range of assays associated with immune-monitoring and immune investigation.

Cellular assays

T cell proliferation assays, T regulatory cell analysis (inhibition assays, phenotype analysis), peripheral blood mononuclear cell subset analysis including DC and NK subsets and intracellular staining, cell subset isolation via magnetic beads and cell viability assessment

Cytokine assays

Cytokine multiplex assays via Luminex, FACS, ELISA, ELISPOT, whole blood cytokine assays

Additional tests investigating mode of action

mRNA and microRNA analysis on cells and tissue, immunohistochemistry, biomarker identification, aiding in drug discovery

Safety assessment service

At Alcyomics we can customise our service to meet our clients safety testing requirements. A safety testing protocol can be designed after detailed discussion and agreement between our scientific team and client, ensuring delivery of the best possible service. The expertise of our scientific team enables us to additionally offer our clients customised assay development specific to answering their safety questions.

Our consultancy service can guide clients with appropriate study design, advise on the clinical relevance of the in vitro data generated from the assays and suggest additional tests which may be of value in further understanding the mode of action of the compounds. To find out more about our Unique Consultancy Service please Contact Us

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