Senescence/Senolytic assays

Ageing assays: Determining senolytics and senostatic activity.

Alcyomics offer analyses of multiple standard senescence markers in induced and replicative senescent cell lines in response to test compounds. Senolytic function is the ability of a compound to remove pathological senescent cells which can induce tissue disruption.

Senostatic function is the ability of a compound in preventing this disruption. These assays may be used to determine anti-ageing effects of test compounds.​

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Provide a flexible and comprehensive cellular senescence assay with expert analysis​
Potential to supplement ageing assays with our patented 3D models to suit your research needs​
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Senolytics assays

To determine senolytic function of a particular test compound, the compound is incubated with replicatively senescent human dermal fibroblasts (HDFn) or hydrogen-peroxide-induced senescent HDFn for 3 days (Figure 1). Remaining viable cell count indicates if the compound is senolytic. ​
Figure 1. Client compound displays a lack of senolytic activity.​

Senostatics assays

To preliminarily determine senostatic function of a particular test compound, HDFn are chronically supplemented with the test compound over a set of passage numbers. A minimum of three supplemented passages are then analysed for p16, p21, Ki67 and senescence-associated β-galactosidase by brightfield light microscopy. The passage numbers will cover HDFn phenotypes from furthest to closest to replicative senescence.

Alcyomics also supplies further assays to supplement the microscopy data and validate senostatic function, including: ​
  • Analysis of proinflammatory markers associated to senescence using the MesoScale Discovery electrochemiluminescence assays.​
  • NAD assays are available for determining senescence-associated bioenergetics.​
  • Oxygen consumption rate measurements.​

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