Analytical services – MSD, Luminex, ELISA & IHC

High Quality cell and supernatant analysis

Alcyomics has a wide range of cell phenotypic services for your research needs, benefitting your drug discovery and validation processes. Our state of the art laboratories have the capacity to screen for multiple targets and pathway mechanisms relevant to your in vitro test models.​

​Our team of experts can guide you through the best techniques to characterise and validate your in vitro / in vivo models to successfully navigate the drug discovery process. ​

​Standard ELISA services​
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have been a gold standard for analyte quantification for decades. Highly reproducible and reliable data is critical for developing key understandings behind biological mechanisms.​

Here at Alcyomics we have an expert ELISA team skilled in a wide variety of ELISA analytes and assay formats for high-throughput analyte quantification. ​
Drug discovery
Wound healing
Analyte response
Imune activation
Disease phenotype

MSD and Luminex multiplex platforms​

MSD multiarray plates allow for the quantification of multiple analytes simultaneously within an ELISA like system.

Using as little as 25μL per well, MSD analysis represents excellent value for large scale screening applications, especially for studies with small analyte volumes.

Luminex assays allow for the analysis of multiple analytes in a single sample. Up to 100 analytes can be run simultaneously allowing for large conservations of precious samples.​

Benefits of qPCR and RNA seq

qPCR and RNA seq of tissue/ cellular lysates
Quick and efficient ​
Large range of available primers and qPCR methodologies​


FFPE tissue samples
Snap frozen OCT samples
Full antibody optimisation
Human tissue positive controls

Other Cell Culturing 2D Platform Solutions

Phototoxicity assays

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Cell isolation & Cell phenotyping

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Analytical services – MSD, Luminex, ELISA & IHC

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Wound healing

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Senescence/Senolytic assays

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