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Skimune® Cosm

Cosm Assay

Are your compounds causing sensitisation or adverse immune reactions?

Do you need to build on your product safety profile?

Are you looking for a non-animal alternative?


If the above are questions that you need to address then Alcyomics have the solutions.

Skimune®Cosm: non-animal, human in vitro assay for the testing of cosmetics

Skimune®Cosm is a non-animal human in vitro skin explant assay designed for testing cosmetic actives or formulations. The assay predicts sensitisation by detecting activation of immune cells (T-lymphocytes) by antigen presenting cells. Stimulation of T-lymphocytes induces cytokine release which results in tissue damage in the epidermal barrier.

The test is unique in that it demonstrates a human in vivo like immune response to the test compound and since it incorporates cells and tissue, it is in line with the Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP).

Skimune®Cosm has been successfully used by our clients to determine sensitivity, repeat dose responses, dose determination and potency assessment. Skimune®Cosm alongside our high throughput Skimune®3D can also be used to determine cutaneous toxicity.

Recent changes in EU legislation have banned animal testing on cosmetics. Skimune®Cosm offers a suitable alternative to the traditional animal based safety testing of cosmetic product formulation and personal care products to identify and eliminate those compounds that may induce adverse skin or immune reactions.

Skimune®Cosm offers fast, reliable and economical assessment of compounds to increase product safety profiles. See Case Study 2

Key Benefits

  • Solves the problem of the ban on animal testing for cosmetics – 7th amendment to the Cosmetics Directive (EU Directive 76/768/EEC2), March 2009/2013
  • Reduces development costs
  • Increases product safety profile
  • Shows human immune skin reactions

Case Study 2 shows how Skimune®Cosm has helped one of our clients, please contact us to find out more on how our in vitro skin test can help you!

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