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Skimune® Chem

Chem Assay

Do you need to assess your compounds for hazard identification?

Are your compounds causing adverse immune reactions?

Are you looking for a non-animal test?


If you are searching for the answers to any of the above questions please read on to find out how Alcyomics assays can be used to solve these problems.


Skimune®Chem: non-animal in vitro assays for chemicals testing

Skimune®Chem is a non-animal human in vitro skin explant assay used as a safety assessment tool for testing chemicals and household products. The assay determines if the test chemical has the potential to provoke an adverse immune response and react with the skin causing histopathalogical damage, symptomatic of skin allergy and skin sensitisation.

The assay can distinguish between sensitising and non-sensitising chemicals, predicting which chemicals would cause skin sensitisation in vivo. (Ahmed, S.S, Wang, X.N, Fielding, M, Kerry, A, Dickinson, I, Munuswamy, R, Kimber, I, Dickinson, A. M. An in vitro human skin test for assessing sensitization potential. J Applied Tox (2016) 36:669684.


Our fast evaluation screening assays, to measure T cell proliferation and cytokine release, are measures of the key parameters required for a chemical to induce skin sensitisation. This is assessed in conjunction with the Skimune®Chem assay.

We have compared the results of Skimune®Chem against the current EU ‘gold standard’ for in vivo safety testing (See Case Study 4), the mouse local lymph node assay (LLNA) and determined a 95% correlation. In addition, Skimune®Chem is able to report on chemicals not detected in the mouse model eg nickel sulphate.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces the need for animal testing
  • Provides more informative results than the animal models
  • Identifies sensitiser versus non-sensitiser and degree of potency
  • Distinguishes between high and low potency compounds and chemicals
  • Speedier timeline to hazard identification


If you would like more information on our non-animal in vitro assays and learn how Skimune®Chem can help your business then please contact us.

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