Alcyomics at ELRIG Drug Discovery Liverpool 2019

November 12, 2019

We were recently at the ACC in Liverpool for the annual ELRIG Drug Discovery conference. In its 13th edition, this conference took ‘a look back to the future’ to assess how the industry got where we are and debate the challenges for discovering the drugs of the future. An entertaining scientific program involving 40 speakers in 6 main session tracks provided the core of the conference supported by a well-attended scientific poster session as well as the exhibitor hall displaying the novel technologies to aid scientists in the area of drug discovery.

Plenary keynote presentations were provided by Dr.Mene Pangalos (Astrazeneca) which focused on hot trends and the business landscape with the development of new therapeutic modalities such as protein engineering, modified mRNA therapies and PROTACs. Dr. Fiona Marshall (MSD), who opened the Biosphere here in the Newcastle Helix earlier in the year, provided the keynote for the second day focusing on the application of new drug discovery approaches in the field of ageing.

Our Business Development Manager, Dr. Asif Tulah, presented a poster on our novel 96-well plate full thickness 3D skin model, Skimune®3D, designed to screen biologics (and other drugs) for adverse immune reactions. This was an update of the work presented at the Society of Toxicology meeting in Baltimore in March earlier this year. If you’d like a copy of the poster or if you would like to speak more about how this technology can aid your drug discovery programs, email and we will be happy to get in touch.

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