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Case Study 4

Chemical Industry

Our assays are able to predict human adverse immune responses to chemicals, by providing a better and improved model of human biology as compared to animal models.

An example of this is the evaluation of nickel sulphate using Alcyomics Skimune®Chem assay. Nickel sulphate is sometimes used in the manufacture of jewelry and is known to cause rashes such as the ‘ring rash’. When tested in the mouse model (Mouse Local Lymph Node Assay – LLNA) for sensitisation, nickel sulphate was reported as a non-sensitiser. However, in the Skimune®Chem assay (Figure 1.) we have shown correctly that nickel sulphate is a sensitiser.

This study highlights how interspecies differences can result in false negative results when using animal data alone.

Figure 1. Histopathological analysis of the effect of nickel sulphate on human skin. Skin incubated with autologous cells exposed to nickel sulphate showing a grade III positive response. Arrow point to vacuolisation of keratinocytes and cleft formation.

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