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Our History

A Brief Introduction

Alcyomics technologies represent the fruits of over 30 years’ research activity on transplantation and graft versus host disease in the research laboratories of Professor Anne Dickinson at Newcastle University.

Anne’s research  led to the founding of Alcyomics in 2007. Due to her expertise in immunobiology she  developed  and patented human skin based in vitro assays (Skimune ®)  for identifying responses of donor cells against patient skin tissue i.e. graft versus host disease (GvHD) following haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; work that has been extensively published in peer-reviewed journals (see References and Patents).

The technology has been further modified by Alcyomics, not just for the testing of drugs for allo-immune responses (i.e. transplant rejection) but also for predicting adverse immune responses  to compounds including chemicals, cosmetics and  pharmaceuticals with development of novel IP (see References and Patents).

Skimune® has been used as a predictive assay for GvHD in Newcastle as part of a clinical protocol for treatment of haematological disorders and has been published to have a >80% correlation with clinical outcome. Since GvHD affects more than one target organ e.g skin, gut and liver, Skimune® is predictive of systemic disease.

Anne is also a Health Professional Clinical Scientist and as has experience in the regulatory framework involved in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)  for the  development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products  (ATMPs).

Alcyomics is a partner in the Northern Alliance  Advanced Therapy  Treatment Centre. Anne has 10 years experience in  developing commercial contracts for clients  and  a wealth of experience in  obtaining   successful commercial and research funding at the national and international  level.


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