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Skimune® Cosm

Cosm Assay

Skimune®Cosm is a human in vitro skin explant assay which detects excess stimulation of immune cells (T-lymphocytes) by antigen presenting cells. Stimulation of T-lymphocytes induces cytokine release which results in tissue damage in the epidermal barrier. The Skimune®Cosm assay determines the cell-mediated immune response to the test compound. The test is complimentary to but distinctive from 3D skin equivalent models as it uses metabolically active immune cells. The test therefore exhibits a human in vivo like immune response to the test compound.

Skimune®Cosm has been successfully used by our clients (see Case Study 2) to determine sensitivity, repeat dose responses, dose determination and potency assessment. Skimune®Cosm can also be used to determine cutaneous toxicity.

Recent changes in EU legislation have banned animal testing on cosmetics. Skimune®Cosm offers a replacement for traditional animal based safety testing of cosmetic product formulations, personal care and household cleaning products to identify and eliminate those compounds that might induce adverse skin or immune reactions. The Skimune®Cosm assay can be used to determine hazard identification and overcomes concerns of in vivo animal testing.

Skimune®Cosm offers fast, reliable and economical assessment of compounds to increase product safety profiles.

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