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Case Study 3

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our client is a global healthcare company, involved in consumer healthcare, vaccine production and pharmaceuticals.

Our client requested Alcyomics to test 3 monoclonal antibodies one of which caused major problems to them during their Phase I clinical trial (Antibody 3), where the majority of the patients developed a skin rash. Skimune®Pharm enabled prediction of this response and assured safety for the other 2 modified antibodies (Antibody A and C) known to be negative for adverse reactivity. Our data showed anti-X antibodies cause skin damage and are associated with Th1cytokine release in the presence of autologous cells.

Our client commented that the data Alcyomics provided showed that the Skimune® technology was a suitable model for assessing the associated immune response previously seen with sub- cutaneous administration of the drug X.

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