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Case Study 4

Our client, a well known global manufacturer and supplier of chemical compounds for health and personal care formulators, requested Alcyomics to determine human in vitro responses to wheat protein products. Our client provided a negative response compound (X) and a positive response compound (XXX) to test in our human in vitro skin explant model (Skimune®Cosm). The two wheat protein products were tested in four individual assays for immunogenic responses. Results show a positive response to compound XXX in all four assays showing a high degree of histological damage, and increased IgE antibody production indicating that this compound is evoked an immune response. Compound X showed no damage to skin histology and low levels of IgE antibodies were detected.

The results show Skimune®Cosm is a reliable assay to detect immune responses to wheat proteins.

Skimune®Cosm assay- Immunohistochemical analysis of the effect of wheat protein products in skin.

  1. Skin incubated in medium only (negative control) showing a negative response.
  2. Skin incubated with wheat protein product X showing a grade I negative response.
  3. Skin incubated with wheat protein product XXX showing a strong positive grade III response, image shows vacuolisation of keratinocytes and cleft formation at the dermis/epidermis junction.
  4. Skin incubated with negative control compound gave a negative grade I response.
  5. Skin incubated with positive control compound gave a strong positive grade III response showing pockets of cleft formation at the dermis/epidermis junction (indicated by arrows).

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