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Alcyomics has many case studies dealing with Pharmaceutical (Skimune®Pharm and Skimune®Mab), Cosmetic (Skimune®Cosm) and Chemical Industries (Skimune®Chem). 

The Skimune® technologies are proven to work on all three levels. Here are four case studies which demonstrate the use of Skimune® technologies.

Case Study 1

Northwick Park

If the Alcyomics Skimune® technology had been available the Northwick Park drug trial disaster, which resulted in catastrophic systemic organ failure in human subjects, could have been averted.

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Case Study 2


Our client is involved in development of cosmetics using natural ingredients. Alcyomics was engaged to help generate human safety data and determine immune responses of a novel product (X) prior to first use in man.

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Case Study 3

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our client is a global healthcare company, involved in consumer healthcare, vaccine production and

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Case Study 4

Our client, a well known global manufacturer and supplier of chemical compounds for health and personal care formulators, requested Alcyomics to determine human in vitro responses to wheat protein products.

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