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About Us

Our mission

Alcyomics is a UK based unique pre-clinical service provider using Skimune®, non-artificial human skin explants for safety and efficacy assessment of novel compounds and drugs.In addition, we offer an array of pre-clinical safety testing for the pharmaceutical, chemistry and cosmetics industry as well as non-animal skin tests for predicting adverse reactions.

Our mission at Alcyomics Ltd is to provide novel solutions for pre-clinical drug safety and efficacy testing for therapeutics including cellular therapies and extend our technologies for use in the chemical and cosmetic industries. As a Service provider we aspire to take the lead in providing unique screening services using human in vitro skin explant assays enabling more cost effective commercialisation of products and or drugs to the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Alcyomics technologies are based around unique patented and trademarked human skin explant assays (Skimune®). These assays form the basis of the Skimune® technologies which can be used as diagnostic tools to test drugs and compounds for potential allergic or hypersensitivity reactions ie safety, potency toxicity. The Skimune® technology can also assess efficacy of immunomodulatory therapies for use in autoimmune disease eg arthritis and inflammatory conditions or immunomodulatory properties of stem cells eg mesenchymal stem cells and cellular therapies.

Founded in 2007, Alcyomics offers human in vitro (lab-based) pre-clinical safety testing to ensure drug safety and efficacy before first administration into man. We offer a consultancy service of how the pre-clinical data can be used to assist clinical trial development such as dose response and a stratified medicine approach to patient selection. Our technology is also a suitable alternative to animal testing for the cosmetics industry. In addition we offer potency testing of novel chemicals. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about our work.

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