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The Skimune® platform (Skimune®Cosm; Skimune®Chem; Skimune®Mab) are unique non-artificial human in vitro skin tests

The Skimune® platform predicts hypersensitivity responses to pharmaceuticals including small molecule pharmaceuticals and monoclonal antibodies, chemicals and cosmetics

Skimune® provides a pre-clinical predictive readout of skin damage which correlates with screening assays; cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and T cell proliferation responses

Skimune®Mab is the only commercially available test for predicting adverse reactions to monoclonal antibodies, biobetters, biosimilar and antibody drug conjugates

The Skimune® platform tests are used in dose response and efficacy studies for immunomodulatory drugs prior to Phase One clinical trials

Meet the team

Professor Anne Dickinson (Founder and Director)

Anne’s research at Newcastle University led to the founding of Alcyomics in 2007. Due to her expertise in immunobiology she has developed human skin based in vitro assays for predicting clinical responses prior to clinical trial.

Dr Shaheda Ahmed

Shaheda’s expertise includes cell and molecular biology and human skin explant assay technology.

Dr Asif Tulah

Asif’s expertise includes cell biology, dermatology, and in vitro 3D assay technology.

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